Custom Pencils

Are you looking for a promotional item that is inexpensive, yet effective? You’ve come to the right place! We have a wide selection of custom pencils to power your marketing efforts. These small items can have a big impact on expanding your brand without breaking your budget. Pencils aren’t just for students and teachers. Our personalized pencils are noticeable and functional. They make outstanding gifts and giveaways at trade shows, conventions, seminars, schools, fundraisers, parties, and special events. They can be used at schools, offices, and job sites. You can also pair our pencils with other custom items like pens, notepads, and backpacks.

Our completely customizable pencils are crafted from high-quality materials for comfortable and smooth writing. Select from our various pencil options available in different styles, colors, and materials. We have everything from bargain buy pencils to carpenter pencils to color-changing pencils and more. Want a pencil with pizazz? Get ready for compliments with our unique color-changing pencil. This writing device is a conversation starter and is sure to win over potential customers! Looking for a custom classic?

Customized Carpenter Pencils

We have Budgeteer pencils with plenty of space to display your logo or message. Need a pencil that won’t roll away when you set it down? Our carpenter pencils are built right for the job! These are perfect for artists, architects, chefs, construction workers, and real estate agents. No matter what you need, we can create a custom pencil just for you.

Customizable pencils are a great promotional tool for any business or organization. Affordable, easy to transport, timeless, and useful to the customer - custom printed pencils are an effortless marketing product. Custom printed pencils can display logos, messages, business information, and much more. Because of their versatility, custom pencils go far beyond classrooms. Start promoting your brand with custom pencils at tradeshows, conventions, recruiting events, and seminars. 


Our custom pencils selection includes the best quality pencils for a comfortable grip and smooth writing. We offer classic number two pencils in every color imaginable, with traditional red rubber erasers - simply choose the color to go with your design. Custom carpenter pencils are another option for companies looking to get creative. All of our custom pencils are durable and made with quality materials. We use screen printing to customize your pencil to guarantee crisp lines and vibrant colors. 

Order an assortment of custom pencils so that your design is displayed with multiple colors! We offer light assortments and dark assortments, tailored to best suit your custom design. One of our favorite custom pencil offerings is the Color Change Pencil, available in an assortment of colors that change when held! These custom pencils make a memorable statement that can be used to make a special connection between your company and your customers. 

One of the most important features of a custom pencil is its usability. Pencils have a long lifespan relative to other promotional products, which means your brand name will remain in the hands of your audience long after it was gifted. The potential to make an impression on other customers is high as writing utensils are often handed off to others throughout their lifetime. Custom pencils can continue to promote your brand for years at a much lower cost than other marketing tools. 


Start designing your custom printed pencils today with the help of our creative staff! 

Let us help you draft your creation with ease. Consult our friendly customer support team. We can customize pencils with your name, logo, or message. We are here to help every part of the process. We will help sharpen your logo or design to write a clear message that reaches your audience in style! Are you ready to write your success? Get started!