Custom Ballpoint Pens With Your Logo

The classic ballpoint pen is a staple in homes, offices, schools - and just about everywhere else that writing might take place. That is why we at Monterey Custom Logo Products always recommend customizing ballpoint pens with your logo - because pens are used every day by every demographic across the country. Ballpoint pens are a popular customizable pen choice, as they are a consumer favorite. People love how ballpoint pens feel to write with. Ballpoint pens use a ball bearing that draws ink from the cartridge and onto the page, creating a consistent line that drys quickly. This may seem unimportant, but a smooth writing experience can create a positive subconscious impression on the person using your customized ballpoint pen. Our custom pens offer the ability to display your logo and important business information. The ease of which ballpoint pens can be given out means you can spread your message far and wide. Our high-quality printing methods mean your logo will last as long as the ballpoint pen lasts - clearly and effectively sharing your brand with whoever happens to use your custom pen.

Customized Ballpens

Customized ballpoint pens are definitely a classic, but we decided to take it to the next level and started offering a wider variety of styles. Now your logo can be displayed on a ballpoint pen that lights up with a laser, or that has a stylus! Take a fan-favorite ballpoint pen, and add a little wow-factor. A customized ballpoint pen that doubles as a highlighter or an LED light has multiple functions which means it will be used even more by your audience! Not only will it potentially increase the impressions of your logo, but it will leave a lasting mark on your users. Custom ballpoint pens are one of the easiest promotional items to hand out at your place of business or to take with you to expos and conferences. Companies often order customized logo pens for their offices to use internally, rather than using plain, unmarked pens. If you have to purchase pens for your employees to use, why not mark them with your brand? That way when pens end up going home with staff or when they change hands in meetings, your logo reaches more people. Your office supply dollars can go twice as far with custom logo ballpoint pens!

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