Custom Pens & Pencils with Your Logo

Custom writing instruments are among some of the cheapest promotional products on the market, with bulk orders offered at wholesale prices costing you little more than a business card while boasting more effectiveness and reach.

Writing Instruments with Your Company Name

When you print your message on the side of a colorful, creative, and aesthetic creation, your logo is shared with each person who uses, lends, gifts, or leaves behind your pens, achieving the same amount of impressions on the dollar as a billboard. And at a time when paying on monthly marketing bills of thousands of dollars is normal, finding creative solutions to continue connecting your business to its prospective clientele can save you money, while not sacrificing the quality of your marketing campaign. Further adding to the value and cost-effectiveness of promo pens is the length of which they are used. Unlike business cards or targeted ads on social media, logo pens often stay with people for months, creating lasting impressions for a fraction of the price.

Hundreds of Custom Pens and Highliters

With the added value of a long shelf-life combined with our state-of-the-art quality printing, your customized logo pens are made to last. Not only are these customizable writing utensils built for function and utility - we offer a wide range of styles that allow you to be as creative as you wish! Put your logo on our most popular pen: the ballpoint pen. Or customize highlighters, pencils, permanent markers, fountain pens - even styluses! If you are a brick-and-mortar business that would like to hand out pens to customers, we have the solution: customize on our Stick Pens of Rollerball and Gel Pens. Or perhaps you want to personalize dry-erase markers and have your logo spread across a university campus - we can do that too.