Custom Medals 

Looking for the best Custom Printed Promo Medals and Ribbons? You're in the right place!

The Monterey Company offers a wide variety of custom medals and custom ribbons. We always do our best to ensure our clients have many promo choices, as this helps to guarantee you’ll find at a minimum a few different promo options that’ll be perfect for your promotional needs. It also helps to make certain your promo products are truly unique.

Why Medals?

When you choose to add medals to your list of brand recognition items, know that you're choosing one of the best promotional tools you can find for your event. Who wouldn't enjoy receiving a customized medal that either recognizes their contributions, recognize the winning of a race or supports a good cause? Let us know why you need this promo product and we’ll help you create the best design.

Order as few as 250

As low as $0.95
Order as few as 100

As low as $3.45
Order as few as 100

As low as $3.70
Order as few as 250

As low as $1.90
Order as few as 1

As low as $206.00
Order as few as 1

As low as $197.00
Order as few as 250

As low as $1.50

Personalized Medals and Ribbons Make Great Gifts!

There are many different ways you can choose to use your custom medals and ribbons! To sell on a company website or as a fund raising donation. Fund raisers are always looking for local business owners to make a few donations to help raise funds, and this is one of the best ways to help raise funds, as well as get your brand name out there. As a way of rewarding your employees and or staff for doing a great job, as everyone enjoys being recognized for their hard work when working for a reputable company. To hand out at an event to help instill a sense of value to participants. Company sports events are one of the more popular reasons why company owners will choose this quality promo item. You can even order your custom medals and ribbons to sponsor another local event, as studies show that owners who are involved with their local community are much more likely to experience success.

How to Choose the Right Customized Medals 

The list below is just a few of the high-quality custom medals and ribbons we offer! Any questions? All you need to do is contact our more than qualified team at your soonest convenience.

Ready to Order Your Personalized Medals and Ribbons? The Monterey Company is proud to be your go-to medal and ribbon supplier. When you're ready to place your order for your quality custom award medals and ribbons, all you need to do is provide us with what you want placed on your medals and/or ribbons so we can start the process. How soon do you need to receive your order?