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Customized Moscow Mule Mugs With Your Logo

Custom Moscow Mule Mugs are one of the more unique promo gifts you can choose! There are many different types of promo mugs to choose from these days, and Mule Mugs are a mug choice that’s always trending. Want a great idea that takes this quality promo mug to a new level? Add the Mosco Mule recipe so your recipients can enjoy this classic cocktail when at home! The recipe includes vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice. Yum!

What are Moscow Mule Mugs?

A Moscow Mule Mug is essentially a really beautiful copper mug. These mugs were not only designed specifically for drinking the infamous Moscow Mule cocktail, when they're not in use they make a gorgeous display in one's home. For those who are wondering - are copper mugs safe? The answer is yes, it's safe to drink delicious cocktails out of a copper mug.

There are two different versions when it comes to how the Moscow Mule Mug was created, with both versions agreeing it was created in the year 1941. The first? It was created in a Hollywood bar by the owner’s girlfriend who recently inherited a company that made copper goods. The second version? A Russian immigrant created them in her father’s Russian copper company and decided to go to America to sell them. Did she happen to visit this particular Hollywood bar? Yes, she did.


Why Custom Moscow Mule Mugs are a Great Choice

This particular type of mug is one that takes on the temperature of the cocktail, as Moscow Mugs are made from copper, a luxury material. The coldness from the copper material helps to regulate the temperature, making it so the cocktail is always cool and refreshing when drinking. Nice!

Moscow Mule Mugs Choices 

Just a few of our top promo Mule Mugs we sell to get you started! Since you get to decide your imprinting method, do you prefer screen print, pad print, or digital print?

  • How About this Cool Moscow Mule Mug? Stainless Steel Moscow Mule Double Wall Tumbler with a Hammered Finish
  • One of Our best Thank You Gifts! Gift Box With Set Of 4 - 20 oz. Moscow Mule All Copper Mugs
  • One of Our Newest Promo Mugs! 20 Oz. Moscow Mule with Brass Handle

Do Personalized Moscow Mule Mugs Fit in With Your Brand?

Have you decided if Moscow Mule Mugs fit in with your company's brand? Already have some ideas regarding how you're going to promote your logo Mule Mugs? If you have any questions or need any advice when it comes to completing or approving your original design, please don't hesitate to contact our creative team at your soonest convenience. 

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