custom campfire mug

Customized Campfire Mugs Made To Last!

Campfire Mugs are a great promo mug choice! This style of mug is one that comes to mind as soon as someone thinks about going camping. This flecked ceramic mug is a popular mug style that supports both beverages and foods, making it a fantastic promo item for companies that have any association with the outdoors.

Why choose Campfire Mugs?

While Campfire Mugs make for a great promo gift any time of the year, this type of specialty mug is one that's especially popular during the warmer weather months, as this is when people spend a lot of time outdoors, especially to go camping. These promo products are super sturdy, super functional and their overall look makes them extremely appealing.

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Why Customized Campfire Mugs Make Great Gifts

Campfire Mugs are unique in that it can be used to drink cold beverages, hot beverages, and any foods enjoyed when out camping. Of course, these mugs can be used when not camping, and tend to serve as a reminder of one’s fun outdoor and camping adventures. Imagine your custom mugs being used by your recipients when sitting around a fire enjoying some delicious hot cocoa. Good times!

How to Choose Your Promo Campfire Mugs 

Ready to choose the fine details? We offer a variety of long-lasting Campfire Mugs, so you’ll have to decide which mug features work for you. Know that simple lettering using your company name and phone number (we offer many fonts) and company logos tend to work best on this style of mug.

A few things to consider - Insulated? Lining? Deep Etched? Screen Print? Pad Print? 

  1. Materials, style? We offer enamel mugs, ceramic mugs, speckled mugs, stoneware mugs, retro mugs, tall mugs, short mugs, and mugs with lids.   
  2. What color do you prefer? Black, white, green, gray, maroon, purple, brown, pink, lime, red, orange, more!
  3. What size promo mug do you need?

Custom Printed Campfire Mugs Come In These Popular Sizes

  • 12 oz Campfire Mugs
  • 13 oz Campfire Mugs
  • 14 oz Campfire Mugs
  • 15 oz Campfire Mugs
  • 16 oz Campfire Mugs
  • 17 oz Campfire Mugs

Ready to Order Your Personalized Campfire Mugs?

Whether it's a man, women, or kids, anyone will surely appreciate receiving one of these cool promo mug gifts! Camping is a pastime that will never go out of style. If you're a company owner who thinks this personalized promo mug will fit in with your company’s promotional plan, now’s the time to place your custom order.

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us, as we are here for you!