Custom Printed Shot Glasses

Looking for the best Custom Shot Glasses, no minimum purchase? You found us! Custom Printed Shot Glasses are a must for any business that serves alcohol. Know that our Promotional Shot Glasses are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, as this helps to ensure that you'll find the perfect Custom Shot Glass to represent your brand.

You also get to choose the type of imprinting method you want to use when creating your Branded Shot Glasses. Do you already know which imprinting method will work best for you? We offer the following imprinting methods, as we've determined that these options work best for placing your company logo, name, image, or letterings on Promo Shot Glasses – Deep Etched, Laser Etched, Screen Print.

Order as few as 48

As low as $2.75
Order as few as 48

As low as $1.75
Order as few as 48

As low as $3.95
Order as few as 48

As low as $2.50
Order as few as 48

As low as $2.25
Order as few as 250

As low as $0.68
Order as few as 200

As low as $1.44
Order as few as 300

As low as $0.72
Order as few as 144

As low as $1.98

Customized Shot Glass Options

Ever wonder - how do you make Custom Shot Glasses? You contact The Monterey Company to make them for you! We’ve been a custom manufacturer for companies since 1989, making it so we’re quite the experts when it comes to designing, as well as manufacturing, custom promotional products. Every establishment that serves alcohol has its own ambiance. This makes it essential for you to choose Shot Glasses printed with your custom company information. Logos, company names, and pictures tend to work best, as there’s not a lot of room for custom elaborate designs on a Shot Glass. Check out some of the more popular Shot Glasses we sell!

Custom Etched Shot Glasses

  • This 1 oz Tall Shot Glass - Deep Etched includes a thick sham
  • This 1.75 oz Blue Shot Glass - Deep Etched includes a thin sham with straight sides Custom Shot Glasses with Picture
  • This 1.5 Oz. HDI™ Shot Glass is a perfect choice for a colored picture or logo display!
  • This 1.75 oz. Spirit Shot Glass includes an exaggerated sham and is perfect for placing your custom pics or logo Personalized Tall Shot Glasses
  • This 1 oz Tall Shot Glass includes a thick sham and flared lip Bulk Shot Glasses – check out the variety!
  • 1 oz Clear Plastic Shot Glass - Clear & Classic Crystal® Cups-The 500 Line
  • 1.5 oz Blue Sampler/Shot Glass - Mini-Brites - The 500 Line
  • 1.5 oz Whiskey Shot Glass 1.75 oz Spirit Shot Glass
  • 2 oz Mood Shot Glass 2 oz Fluted Shot Glass
  • 2 oz Stainless Steel Shot Glass - Laser Etched
  • 2.25 oz Square Shot Glass Leatherette on Steel Shot Glass - choose from 10 different leather colors!

Ready to Order Your Personalized Shot Glasses? If you're ready to place your order for your Custom Shot Glasses, no minimum, then we're ready to take your order! Our highly experienced team takes the time to ensure that your custom order is exactly what you want, which means we’ll help you from the very beginning of your order to the very end. This is just one of the many reasons why The Monterrey Company has been in business for 30+ years now!