custom patches

Custom Patches

Looking forcustom patches? We offer patch styles to meet every application. Our customized patches can be made in days with minimum quanties of only 100 patches. Since we are a true patch manufacturer, we can customize your design in any shape or size.

We offer five styles of patches; Leather, PVC, Woven, Sublimated and embroidered patches. Each style can be made with either no backing, adhesive, hook and loop or iron on backing.

  • Leather Patches
  • Woven Patches 
  • Sublimated Patches 
  • Embroidered Patches
  • PVC Patches

Watch the video and lear more about our patch styles and how we make hats with patches

Woven Patches, PVC Patches, Sublimated Patches and Embroidered Patches  

As low as: $1.50
As low as: $1.18
As low as: $1.98
As low as: $1.68
As low as: $1.86
As low as: $2.94
As low as: $2.40

Looking for the best place to have your custom patches made?

You found it! Even though our professional and highly experienced Monterey team always goes above and beyond for every single one of our customers, we still give a little extra when it comes to helping those involved with law enforcement. How do we do this? We offer law enforcement officers free patch design services! We’ll even revise any of your designs until you're 100% satisfied with the end result, Now that’s great customer service!

We Specialize in Custom Patch Designs

Our team has plenty of experience creating custom patches companies, law enforcement agencies and fire departments. Because we offer quite a few different types of patch styles, you have many choices when it comes to choosing a style that best represents the reason for your wanting a customized patch. Once your design is approved, we’ll place it on your chosen patch shape using your direction. You’ll need to consider if you want a patch that: Is less than 1” in size or more than 5” in size? Is elegant and classic? Is star-shaped? Shield shaped? Includes no jump threads? Can be ironed on vs. sewed on? Includes only 1 color, like gold or silver, or multiple colors? Is imprinted with your information using the embroidery imprint method?

When Do You Need Your Patch Delivery?

How soon do you need to receive your delivery of custom made patches? Simply call us now so we can let you know how soon you can expect to receive your shipment of custom patches! Because our customer service team is one that always aims to please, you can call us at any time, and with any questions, as we’re more than happy to provide you with the answers you need to make the best patch choices. Nice!