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What Are Tchotchkes

Learn more about the origins of this unusual word and what a modern-day tchotchke really is.

Though not everyone may know the exact definition of the word “tchotchke,” most people have many of them scattered about their homes. Little collectables like souvenirs, giveaways, and second-hand treasures makeup personal collections of tchotchkes that line desks, dressers, and shelves. 

Learn more about the origin of the word, what a tchotchke really is, and how you can get your own branded tchotchkes to help promote your business.

What's the Definition of a Tchotchke 

The word tchotchke (sounds like chotch-ke) has a bit of a catch-all meaning. Though it’s often used to refer to different things, a tchotchke traditionally describes a small decorative object. Sometimes also called a trinket or a knickknack, tchotchkes are often found around the home and sometimes live on bookshelves, desks, dressers, and more to serve mementos or add decorative details.

Tchotchke Origins: Though the word “tchotchke” has Yiddish origins, it is typically the meaning and spelling that most English-speakers are familiar with. In Slavic languages like Russian, tchotchke has the same meaning, and is used to describe a small trinket or a cheap souvenir, but is spelled differently. “Tchotchke” is also used in other languages, like Kurdish, but with slight spelling variations and differing definitions. 

Different Types of Tchotchkes: Tchotchke has different meanings for different people. While some people think of souvenirs like small statues, magnets, and stuffed animals as tchotchkes, others classify “swag” items like pens, pins, and desk accessories in the tchotchke category. Because the term has such a wide definition, there is no right or wrong answer about what constitutes a tchotchke. 

The Best Promotional Tchotchkes

Tchotchkes or trinkets and be a perfect way to market your business. If you choose useful and well-made promotional products, they’ll become more than just a tchotchke tossed in a drawer. Instead, they will become highly coveted pieces that are used everyday. 

There are different types of products you can choose as modern-day tchotchkes that your customers will love.

  • KeychainsWhether you choose a metal, acrylic, or PVC design, keychains are one of the most well-loved promotional products thanks to their usefulness. Creating a custom design with your business’s logo is a great way to generate awareness for and give people a daily reminder of your brand everytime they unlock their door or start their car.
  • Promotional Pins: Lapel Pins are an easy item to add to any outfit so you can show off your brand everyday. And by handing them out to your customers, that awareness will start to multiply and make a big, positive impact on your bottom line. Choose from different styles like hard or soft enamel and customize a creation that works perfectly for your needs.
  • Custom CoinsCreate a custom token that will instantly drum up business. Add your logo, a special icon, or any other design to a coin for a collectible item that people will covet. You can even choose from a range of styles or finishes like hard enamel, soft enamel, transparent color, or die-struck 3D coins for the ultimate versatility.
  • Charms: Create a small charm that can be added to a necklace, keyring, or bracelet. This small and delicate option is a piece that is both versatile and effective to help spread brand awareness. Create an enamel style or opt for a die-cast design for a more three-dimensional look.
  • ButtonsA classic button pin is a perfect promotional item. This affordable option can help you spread the word about your brand. Use a customized design or a photograph that represents you to adorn the front of your pin and make your customers or supporters smile. 

Tchotchkes from the Monterey Company  

At the Monterey Company, we’re experts in creating customized tchotkes for all different needs. From keychains and patches to hats and charms, we have been creating high-quality custom products for our customers for over 30 years. 

Our commitment to our customers and our dedication to the environment set us apart from other promotional product manufacturers, and we’d love to work with you to create the tchotchkes of your dreams!

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