Custom Portfolios

Custom portfolios are perfect for those of us who find ourselves needing a second set of hands. Neatly package everything you need to get things done with a customized portfolio. Our selection of custom portfolios includes many styles to meet a wide variety of needs.

With laptop sleeves, pen holders, charging stations, tablet pockets - you can easily zip up and take your workstation anywhere, with the peace of mind that it will be just as organized when you open it again. Free up your hands in between meetings and always have a place to keep your notes and thoughts organized. With options to screenprint, embroider, or deboss, you are sure to find the perfect way to display your logo and company information.

With high-quality materials that are durable and fashionable, our custom portfolios are built to last and to look great for the long haul. We know how important keeping your technology safe is, which is why our products offer sturdy storage to keep your valuables in place and protected. Lessen the stress of travel with an easy way to pack and access the essentials in a custom portfolio. If your company has employees that travel or move around throughout the day, a custom portfolio is a great option for gifting as employee appreciation. 

Order as few as 15

As low as $20.89
Order as few as 12

As low as $36.50
Order as few as 25

As low as $11.25
Make life a little easier for your hardworking team by giving them a way to easily store and transport all of the necessities they need to do their job well. Our professional team of designers can aid in developing a thank you message, or consult on how to perfectly display your company’s logo. Get started today using our easy online ordering process, and utilize our customer service staff to design the perfect custom portfolio!