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Popular Hat Brands & Styles

Looking for custom headwear that's fun, functional, and fashionable? We’ve got you covered! We understand how important headwear is to your brand. Everybody loves a custom hat with their logo and so do we! That’s why we offer an extensive selection of options to choose from, including beanies, visors, ballcaps, trucker hats, headbands, hats, bandanas, and scarves. There are endless styles of hats out there that come in all shapes and sizes. We focus on options that are best suited for customization to give you a head above the competition. 

Custom patch hats are some of the most popular pieces of apparel and for good reason. They can improve your work, performance, and safety. And, no matter the season, headwear is always in style. Whether you want sun protection, warmth, or to cover up a bad hair day, we have various options to meet your needs. So not only does headwear serve a purpose in your wardrobe, but it can also promote your business, team, company, or cause. Our headwear customization process allows you to showcase your logo, brand, or message in a sharp and snazzy way. Also, headwear is a great way to wear your loyalty on your head by featuring your favorite team, organization affiliation, or honorable charity. 

Are you ready to start your design? You wear a lot of hats in life, so let’s make this one your favorite! Reach out to us to begin your custom creation. We will help you create the best personalized headwear for your employees, friends, families, and fans. We respect your budget and your brand. That’s why we don’t charge for custom design with embroidery or a custom patch. Our team of talented artists will offer as many proofs as needed to get your final product just right. You can place your design front and center for a bold and eye-catching look. You can also add design elements on one or both sides for a sleek and unique effect. We are here to help you every step of the way.