Printed Cup Sleeves

Custom Can Sleeves, aka Can Cooler Printed Cup Sleeves and Can Koozies, have a long history of being one of the more commonly chosen promo products. These handy and oftentimes necessary inventions are simple yet highly effective when there’s a need to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. And they're extremely affordable, making them a promo product you can add to your ‘need to buy at least once a year’ promo list. Can Sleeves work by reducing the amount of conduction between the can it’s wrapped around, as it acts as a barrier to the outside air that causes variations in one’s beverage. This popular promo item will be an everyday use item for many, making it a fantastic choice for any company that feels this item will fit in with their brand.

Why Customized Can Coolers Make Great Gifts!

This particular promo item is one that’s a perfect gift for beachgoers, tailgating parties. those who barbecue often, those who throw pool parties, as well as for anyone who simply enjoys drinking one of the hundreds of different types of canned drinks available these days. Hand these out at special company events or include them in a company swag bag, it’s up to you!

Order as few as 50

As low as $11.99
Order as few as 200

As low as $0.99
Order as few as 200

As low as $1.85
Order as few as 200

As low as $1.09
Order as few as 250

As low as $0.85
Order as few as 24

As low as $11.99
Order as few as 50

As low as $9.69

How to Choose Your Promo Can Coolers Which of our many Can Coolers do you prefer? See below for just a few of the more popular Cup Sleeves we sell.

Basic Can Cooler with Full Color

  • 8 Oz. Slim Kan-Tastic
  • 12 Oz. SLIM Stainless Steel Insulated Can Holder 2-In-1 Can Cooler Tumbler
  • 12 oz Urban Peak® 3-in-1 Tumbler 24 Oz.
  • Tall Boy Coolie Full Color 32 oz.
  • Crowler Scuba Coolie

We also offer specialty Can Coolers! In need of a baseball can coolie, a football sports can holder, a golf can coolie, a collapsible can cooler, a foldable beverage cooler? If you're looking for a specialty Can Cooler or Cup Sleeve, contact us now so we can learn your exact promo cooler needs.

Ready to Order Your Promotional Can Coolers?

Already know what you want placed on your promo Can Coolers? While Logo Can Sleeves are a great choice, know that you can truly customize your promo coolers so they'll look exactly how you want them to look. What is it that you're envisioning? If you have any questions or require any free design assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our creative team, as they're here for you! At The Monterey Company, we enjoy going above and beyond for all of our clients.